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Vote aggregation across chains. Multi-tier privacy. Zero-cost voting. 

AnyDAO represents the next phase of DAO maturity. We help decentralised communities make real-life decisions as Web3 evolves in real-time.

We make things happen

Vote with NFTs? Co-own community initiatives with borderless governance?  Discuss ideas with the privacy dial on? 


Work together towards common goals, whichever way you choose. 

More possibility.

More potential.

Helping DAOs do what they do best

Web3 works better when people feel comfortable making decisions to shape and impact it. Big ideas become bite-sized decisions. Consensus scales beyond just the few to truly serve the community's needs. 


AnyDAO comes with the ideal tools to tighten connections between people: 

Vote aggregation across different blockchain networks (and token standards)

Borderless governance

Native support for DAOs on EVM and Substrate-based platforms 

Multi-chain platform

Free (gasless!) to create and vote on proposals with signed messages

Zero-cost voting

Adjustable privacy settings which controls the visibility of the voting results  

Multi-tier privacy

Feasibility investigation

Concept Design

UI/UX Design


SubStrate pallet

Closed Alpha Test

Code implementation


Public beta test

SubQuery integration

High priority features


SDK development

Custom aggregation

Cross-chain prototype


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